Individual coaching

Your GoalPartnership:
-  Measurable results - KBI
It could be establish from the beginning the desired ROI value and how will be measured
Ex: sales volumes, number of positive response from clients, etc.
-  Methods are: Face – 2 – face and phone coaching (applied to remote individuals or very busy managers)

Client’s benefits:
-  Better results vs. Starting point
-  Changing mentality and business thinking patterns
Most frequent issue is when a person gets a promotion and the current thinking patterns didn’t apply any more in the new conditions.
-  Maintaining excellent relations
-  Replacing inefficient action patterns
-  Enhance personal image / credibility
Ex of a manager who gets a divided team and was trapped into solving task so much that he forgot to establish his credibility and the influence upon team members was only formal.
-  Using entire potential
-  Apply best motivation strategies

We each measure success and excellence differently.
From our perspective, achieving excellence means that you have:
guided your client to clarify their objectives;

  • guided them to articulate the intended and unintended consequences of      reaching;
  • the objective or not reaching the objectives; 
  • guided them through the process of creating, communicating and executing a plan of action; 
  • guided them through a constant review of process through metrics; 
  • revising where necessary; 
  • instilling a sense for the need to continually seek to improve what it is the client is doing.

 “If you dream it you can do it”
Walt Disney

Coaching with Interviso