Benefits of working with Interviso

Competitive trained employees. We integrate in our work results of Romanian and international studies.

Ex: for the management courses we took into account the results of a study made by GALLUP organization on 80.000 managers form over 400 companies (“First break the rules - What the world’s greatest managers do differently”)

Value for money – As a response to our client’s demands, we adapt an existing   training program or could develop new one.

Ex 1: Workshop for DAEWOO Mangalia SHIPYARD with Change Management elements.
Ex 2: “Manager as a Coach” training for Hewlett – Packard’s Managers and Team Leaders

Lasting and measurable results due to our methods (ITS, Systemic approaches)
Integrated Training System (ITS) – exclusively used in Romania by INTERVISO’s trainers it is a combination between abilities/knowledge evaluation with training and coaching.
Systemic approaches in coaching take into consideration all aspects involved as: relationship with other departments, impact on clients/customers, effort vs. results, etc.
Coaching with Interviso